Natural Beauty of Kepahiang

I’m fighting off leg infections I picked up exploring the remote Enggano Island, but that didn’t stop me from a day touring the area of Kepahiang about 1.5 hours from Bengkulu. It truly is a beautiful spot. A little bit of water has upset my infection and I am back on antibiotics but I think it was worth it :).


New Home in Indonesia

It’s been more than three years since I made a move to Indonesia and as this move was never really planned to be permanent I haven’t really spoken officially about it. A lot has happened in the past three years. More then I could have ever imagined. It’s amazing what happens to your life when you step outside your comfort zone and walk into the unknown not knowing anything about the outcome. Takes courage but we all have it inside us, we just have to trust ourselves and take the step. I relish those moments as that to me is […]

A tranquil blue lagoon located on the south west side of Enggano Island.

Flying Through the Philippines

I have been wanting to tackle the Philippines for 5 years now. Atleast that was my plan before my life changed and I ended up in Sumatra. But the beauty of it now is I am based in south east Asia and getting to and from these amazing countries and cultures has now become less of a hurdle. This is my first foray into the Philippines and it is honestly the first of many and also my first trip taking the drone abroad. What a great combination for my landscape photography to have a drone to capture the new perspectives. […]

El Nido Paradise in the Philippines

Enggano Island Paradise

Only a 40 minute flight from Bengkulu by light plane and you will find the island paradise of Enggano Island with two beautiful neighbouring islands of Pulau Dua and Pulau Marbau as well. These two islands are simply stunning to visit and the remoteness of the location means we had this paradise to ourselves. It’s been my goal for a while to come back and photograph the beauty of this place with the drone and I finally managed to do it and the weather did not disappoint either. I’ve decided that I want to create a specialised project by focusing […]

A tranquil blue lagoon located on the south west side of Enggano Island.

Exploring Asia

For years now I have dreamt of being based in Asia and having this vast area rich in beauty and in culture to explore at my fingertips. It’s been a long hard road over the last three years and it’s finally a reality with now being based in Indonesia. I have spent the last two years truly focusing on Indonesia and specifically Sumatra and the plight of the elephants of Sumatra. But now this year in 2015 it is time to expand to see and experience and capture the beauty of Asia. This of course is not a small or […]


New Perspective…

Since the moment I left for my Australian road trip I have been dreaming of owning a drone that will help provide a new perspective of my work in photos and in videos. Back in 2011 the technology was good but not quite there in terms of stability for video work. But now the technology has progressed a staggering amount and it was about time I took the plunge. I researched a lot of different drones from different manufacturers but always seemed to fall back on the drone of choice for so many, the DJI Phantom 2. I was very […]


Daily Photo – The Long Haul

Many hours of travel can takes it’s toll. From cars to motorbikes and then long treks up stream by boat to release two sun bears in the remote areas of Aceh. Sometimes you have to just take a nap despite the share beauty and not wanting to miss any of this amazing scenery it can be difficult to stay awake while travelling.

Daily Photo - The Long Haul

Daily Photo – Jungle Reflection

After trudging for hours through thick jungle on elephant patrol in Sumatra, we made camp late on this afternoon and as the muscles began to relax and the jungle noise started to shift from day to night the shear beauty of the jungle just comes to life and if you close your eyes and meditate and let yourself go it’s completely another world. This is an incredible planet we live on and I wish I could bottle the things I have experienced and ship them home to Australia for every body to see and understand the magnificent beauty.

Daily Photo - Jungle Reflection

Three Canvas Specials

I normally have a daily photo in this place but I want to interrupt that for today and share a new special I am having on my online shop. Two themed specials, one for Australia and one for the Elephants of Sumatra that I am currently documenting.  Each one is a collection of three canvas prints each 50cm x 40cm that would fit well together in the home or office and are normally $199 but for my valuable supporters I am reducing to only $130. For the Outback Australia version view and purchase here and for the Elephant Babies version […]