Jungle Postcard

I like to learn new processes with my photo editing. So now I am starting a new workflow for when I am on the road. Lightened the load and ditched the laptop for starters. So now all my photo editing (on the road) will be done on mobile applications. 

New Prints on the Way

I am currently working on updting my workflow to produce more prints of my photogrpahy and hpefully improve the results of my edits. There is some amazing new technology being releaed and it feels as though the software and editing options are gong through somewhat of a revolution with key software dying off and new mobil editing options becoming available. I will have more details once I have settled on a new workflow…

Birds Eye View of Pacu Jawi

The Pacu Jawi or cattle races on the western part of the island of Sumatra sure do attract a crowd and it is interesting to see from above. Flying the drone also attracts attention wth the local kids having a keen interest in the flying camera.

Blue Skies Abound

Nothing better than blue skies all day. I wish it was like this more often outside of the month of Ramadan and the holidays as I don’t have much opportunity to take photos.


So simple to just sit and relax and watch the incoming tide and the setting sun on a beautiful afternoon. Nothing beats the simplicity of watching life itself.

Pacu Jawi West Sumatra

The tradition of Ox Racing on the island of Sumatra has become a very popular event to see and photograph. I have been trying to fit this in my schedule a few years now. I thought it was about time now that I had the 70-200mm F4 for the Sony a6000. With the high speed capture and the sharpness of the amazing 70-200mm it was a match made in heaven and captured some amazing shots frozen in time.

The Majestic Curug 9 Adventures

I recently took up a little photo assignment for a local publication but it was a location that was already on my hit list and had been for a long time so I was happy to give up a planned trip in another location of Sumatra to tackle this magnificent location in North Bengkulu. A waterfall named Curug 9 just north of the city of Arga Makmur in north Bengkulu. This location is a 3.5 hour hike from the nearest village and it is finished off in the last hour by a very extreme descent, which is not for the […]