Curug Sembilan
Curug Sembilan
Curug 9 - Bengkulu - Sumatra

Curug Sembilan

Curug 9 - Bengkulu - Sumatra. One of the most spectacular locations in the province of Bengkulu.

What an amazing planet we live on. This beautiful location is called Curug Sembilan (waterfall nine) and is a two hour drive and a 3.5 hour hike from the city of Bengkulu. The hike has some extreme elements but the more challenging the location I find it more rewarding it is to edit the final image. I camped for two nights next to this waterfall and strung a hammock in the tress to the left. Each morning you wake up to the calls of gibbons and hornbills flying across the tree tops over the valley. There is not a more beautiful place to wake up in hearing the sounds of true nature.

Finding “the shot” is all part of the fun. Some locations are more challenging than others and this particular location is one of my all time favorites on the island of Sumatra. It is called Curug Sembilan or Waterfall Nine and is a set of twin waterfalls. It is incredibly challenging to get to this location and even more challenging to stay and wait for the right light. On this particular occasion I had waited for the rainy season in the hope of extra water flow, boy was I in for a surprise. Myself and two guides hiked in (4 hours) through incredibly challenging and steep terrain. We planned to stay for two nights to make sure there was enough time to capture the falls in the right light. Unfortunately on the second evening the rains came. Storms hit hard and some heavy rain feel further upstream leaving the falls looking more like a dam had busted up stream.

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