Photographing in the snowy mountains


Photography is my passion

My love for photography started with landscapes, capturing natures beauty and the golden light of sunrise or sunset. But in general I love all forms of photography, from human interest to aerial as well as wildlife. It is a passion of mine to capture a moment, place and to perhaps tell the story in a single frame. My photography has taken me on many journeys and they are linked to some of my favorite photography captures below.

Elephants of Sumatra

Documenting the last remaining elephants of Sumatra

The Elephants of Sumatra are currently listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.
Every day their population is under increasing threat from habitat destruction through illegal logging and expanding oil palm concessions as well as the threat of poaching. My goal is to continue documenting these amazing animals on the island of Sumatra and raise awareness for the need to save this critically endangered species. I am currently developing a documentary photography book to help raise more funds to continue this project and help bring these issue to light.
Read about and support this project here.


It can be hard work finding locations to photograph and then you need the light at the right time. So it can be a challenge to be at the right place at the right time. I like to share as much information as possible about my favorite photos and their locations. Here you will find detailed descriptions about the photos and the locations laid out on a google map if you are also interested in the location.

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